The CAMI-Apps Framework

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The CAMI-Apps software that is downloaded from the Google Playstore and the Apple iOS Appstores consists of a Framework that contains B a number of Speed Tests and C a User Management System.

B. The Speed Tests are at the heart of the system to help students with the learning of their Tables.

Tables are at the foundation of Mathematics and a good command of Tables frees up the student to spend more time thinking about higher order Mathematics skills.

C. The User Management system allows for the Registration of everyone that uses the Device (Tablet or Smart Phone). In other words, many different people in a household or at a school may share one Tablet, and the User Management system will ensure that their records are kept in different files, so that individual reports can be drawn from the data on the server.

D. The Framework can be extended by Schools or by Parents purchasing more software for Mathematics, Singapore Maths, Perceptual or Science from the CAMI-Apps website.