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The CAMI-Apps Framework can be expanded to deliver more subject material in areas where Parents feel the need to intervene and help their children by Supporting them via the purchasing of Educational Software. Modules to expand the CAMI-Apps system can be purchased from the CAMI-Apps website (www.cami-apps.com) in the areas of Mathematics, Singapore Maths, Perceptual Skills and Science.

Mathematics System

A professional mathematics software system, that is used for the Diagnosis, Practice and Remediation of Mathematics Instruction. CAMI mathematics software has been developed since 1984 and is currently installed on the networks of thousands of leading educational institutions, and is also in use in many households throughout the world. It is a Skills Transfer system based on Revision, Retention and Reinforcement. It has a proven track record of quickly producing results.

Singapore Maths

In the 1980's, Singapore's education ministry introduced radical changes in the teaching methodologies, learning approaches and assessment modes of primary school mathematics. Its main aim was to "teach our young to think creatively and apply knowledge innovatively" so as to "meet our objective of developing creative independent learners".

Singapore's mathematics curriculum gained worldwide recognition when Singapore was ranked first in mathematics in the Third International Mathematics and Science Study (TIMSS) from 1995 onwards. As more and more people around the world became fascinated with the astounding success of Singapore students in mathematics, they began referring to Singapore's mathematics curriculum and books as simply Singapore Maths.

CAMI has now produced software to introduce and to practice the Singaporean methodologies.

Perceptual Skills Builder

This product is aimed at Foundation Phase learners in the pre-school Grades and improves various perceptual skills, covering fields such as Colour, Shape, Spatial perception, Association, Quantities, Mental Retention and Body association. The system makes use of the same immediate marking technique that is well known to users of the CAMI Mathematics System. It is used by Parents and Teachers who consider it a powerful tool in the development of school readiness and mental cognition in young children.


Science is the pursuit and application of knowledge and understanding of the natural and social world following a systematic methodology based on evidence.

At school level, there are a number of building blocks used in Science that has to be learned through repetition of certain scientific facts.

CAMI has embarked on the development of a science system and modules for Grades (Years/Levels) 4 and 5 are currently available from the CAMI-Apps website.