The Year is 1984

IBM launched the IBM PC in 1981, opening up avenues to a new industry in Computer Aided Education. In 1984 Sarie Vorster decided to open her own mathematics school based on a network of IBM-compatible PC's.

The company CAMI (Computer Aided Maths Instruction) was formed and within a few years most of the leading schools were running large networks using the CAMI Maths software to teach their learners. The Server/Client model worked well in schools.

Students worked on CAMI at school and reports were printed at school and sent off to the Parents, but other than that, the involvement of Parents was low. This prompted some Parents to purchase their own CAMI Maths systems to use at home, and to this day, the CAMI Maths software is successfully used by thousands of students at home.

30 Years Later

In 2014 the power of the processors in Tablets and Smart Phones demanded a new look at the Server/Client model.

CAMI decided to use a central Cloud-based server for the collection and reporting of scores.

The Cloud offered a number of significant benefits:

And finally, because the Programs are centrally stored in the Cloud, all the devices in the network will be updated automatically when new software is released.