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CAMI is one of the oldest companies in the computer-aided educational field, having been founded in 1984 as a computer centre with the object of teaching mathematics to students from pre-school level to Grade (Year) 12. The name CAMI originated from the acronym for Computer Aided Maths Instruction.

Parents pay for results, and results only, so we were always under pressure to produce efficient, effective and high performance software. CAMI is totally dedicated to the production of quality educational software, and it has a proud reputation that its software does indeed rapidly produce results.

CAMI is one of the largest computer education companies in South Africa, whether we are measured in terms of number of employees, number of programming staff, number of schools using the software, the number of home users and the best support systems in place.

CAMI is proud to now bring the results of all this experience to the Tablet and SmartPhone world.