Perceptual, Shapes, Annual License (Mobile)

Perceptual, Shapes, Annual License (Mobile)




Product Description

Mobile Ready!

Supports Android mobile devices, and soon Apple iOS!

CAMI Perceptual Skills Builder, Shapes

Shapes, identification

  • In this package basic shapes are used for various activities. Basic shapes are identified using words like smallest, biggest, thinnest, widest, tallest or shortest. Patterns are constructed using different shapes, colours, small and capital letters.

Shapes, constancy and symmetry

  • This package gives the learner the opportunity to match letters and words as well words and numbers. The content includes visual closure both horizontally and vertically. By using various shapes and pictures, horizontal, vertical and diagonal symmetry are introduced to the learner.

This single user license is valid for a year from date of purchase and will provide access to programs which are formulated to improve perceptual skills.

This product was added to our catalog on Wednesday 30 March, 2016.