Perceptual, Retention, Annual License (Mobile)

Perceptual, Retention, Annual License (Mobile)




Product Description

Mobile Ready!

Supports Android mobile devices, and soon Apple iOS!

CAMI Perceptual Skills Builder, Retention

Retention, Picture Recall:

  • In these exercises, learners practice recalling a picture that was shown for a certain peroiod of time. The time intervals are shortened as tie learner progresses through the different sections.

Retention, colour patterns

  • This particular package includes various patterns created by using different colours and various number of blocks. The patterns varies from patterns of two up to patterns of six clours. Patterns can be linear or non-linear

Retention, shape patterns, easy

  • Patterns are formed using different shapes and learners must be able to recall different patterns within a certain time frame. Patterns are created using two to five shapes. In this package the shapes are not shaded.

Retention, shape patterns, moderate

  • Mental skills can be improved by building numbers patterns. In this package, patterns are formed using two, three, four, six or nine numbers. The numbers are arranged linearly or non-linearly and must be recalled within a certain time frame.

Retention, Letter patterns

  • In this package, learners build patterns with letters. They have to re-assemble a pattern within a given time. Patterns are created using two to nine letters.

Retention, words

  • In this package learners are exposed to the retention of various number of words. The exercises are linked to a specific time frame that varies between 10 seconds to half a second.

This license is valid for a year from date of purchase and will provide access to programs which are formulated to improve perceptual skills.

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